Who We Are

I have always loved fabric and fashion.  Over the years I would have fabric left over from fiber art projects.  These fabrics were either painted, designed, or digitally printed and were all unique.  I would challenge myself to transform these textiles into one of a kind accessories that made a style statement and then send them to my dearest friends.

Recently, I received a text asking if I could send these accessories out regularly.  My friend had enjoyed receiving the package and loved (as usual) the enclosed pocket square.  After the request, Be Squared was born.

What We Do

We are the curators.  Be Squared will provide you with accessories that are unique and not readily available in your mainstream collections.  Each month you will receive a pocket square curated with your chosen style in mind.

We seek to provide you with a small touch that allows you to express your individual style more completely, while adding a touch of art to the modern look. We look forward to adding a specially curated neck scarf for the fashion mavens.

Whether on the red carpet, the boardroom, or worn everyday, these pocket squares are designed for that distinguished look.

Be sure to sign up today and Be Squared!

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